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The Benefits of Hexagonal Water

Posted by joseph.nelson on November 10, 2012 at 5:05 AM

This is basically water as we know it. But did you know that sometimes water molecules make specific shapes? Hexagonal water is one such form.

What is hexagonal water? The name “hexagonal” is derived from the more familiar word in geometry, “hexagon”. The word hexagon comes from the Greek word, “hex” which means six. In simple terms, a hexagon is a shape with six sides, which may be equal – for a regular hexagon – or unequal sides for an irregular hexagon. Water may sometimes take this shape. In the same way two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom bond together to make a regular shaped water molecule, the molecules in turn bond together in different ways depending on their unique appearance and properties.  Hexagonal water is made up of six water molecules that are bonded together by common hydrogen bonds. Such occurs naturally in spring water for example. The water you get from tap has a very low rate of hexagonal structures.

Having seen what hexagonal water is, you may wonder, “what is it with hexagonal water?” Hexagonal water has smaller sized molecules making it able to move within living organisms much more easily. This enables enhanced nutrient absorption and removal of waste and other toxins.

Hexagonal water is also said to activate enzymes much more than ordinary drinking water. This in turn enhances metabolic efficiency. Due to this enhanced metabolic efficiency, hexagonal water can be a lot more highly energetic than ordinary water.

It is generally accepted that drinking hexagonal water has many health benefits. So how can you make this water at home? There are a number of appliances on the market today that you could safely use to make hexagonal water. One of the most popular brands is the Vitalizer Plus. This is a small device, almost the size of a blender, able to change ordinary drinking water into hexagonally structured water, not only able to quench your natural thirst, but bring you its numerous health benefits as well. In a nutshell, hexagonal water’s core benefits include enhanced metabolic efficiency, enhanced waste and toxins removal from body cells, hydrating the body cells and improved immunity.

Drinking water is a normal day-to-day activity that sometimes goes unnoticed. Drinking quality water such as structured hexagonal water should be a practise worth embracing. The rewards are immeasurable.

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