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Is bottled alkaline water so good?

Posted by joseph.nelson on January 9, 2013 at 8:20 AM

Alkaline water is usually full of hydroxyl ions, and it is good for human consumption. It has numerous health benefits to the human body. These benefits include.

•    It is a strong antioxidant and since it easily absorbed into the body, it makes it much more effective to stop the free radical damage that causes aging. A person also saves the money they would use to buy antioxidants such as anti-aging, and anti- cancer.

•    Since it has a hexagonal regular shape, the water is much smaller than the conventional water, and this size makes it more hydrating and extremely detoxifying compared to be conventional/ tap water.

•    The alkaline in the water helps balance the body pH since most of the food we take is mostly acidic. This also helps prevent diseases like cancer since a lot of acid in the body makes the body more prone to diseases.

The debate, whether bottled alkaline water is good has gone on for a long time. It has its pros and cons as shown below.

Pros of bottled alkaline water:

•    It helps regulate blood pressure if drunk one hour before meals.

•    It eases gastrointestinal pains if drunk on an empty stomach.

•    It has a hydrating effect that is especially useful when one has diarrhea.

•    By drinking at least one liter of the water on an empty stomach, diabetics can improve their sugar levels.

•    The water supports the hydration of a person’s bowels. This is especially helpful during constipation.

•    The water is idle when preparing beverages like coffee as less coffee seeds will be used while still maintaining the flavor and strength. When making tea, the tea will still have an enriched aroma.

Cons of bottled alkaline water

The people against this bottled water argue that it is better to ionize your own water than to have the bottled one. This is because:

•    Petrochemicals, which are byproducts in the petroleum industry, are used to make the plastic bottles. These chemicals can be released from the plastic bottles into the water making it unfit for human consumption.

•    Petrochemicals also disrupt the body’s endocrine system, which interferes with the body’s hormone production hence there is a risk of the person getting cancer.

•    Foods and beverages stored in plastics are known to have Phthalates and BPA from the plastics. These are cancer-causing chemicals.

•    People iodize water in order to get pure, toxic free and good drinking water. Storing the water in toxic plastic bottles. Therefore, goes against the initial motive of having healthy and pure drinking water.

•    Many also argue that there are no regulated clinical trials that prove that this water is indeed healthy.

•    Existence of tablets that can purify water makes people prefer to take that cheaper route out, and they are guaranteed of taking pure water.

•    The opponents also view buying the alkaline water as a way of stealing money from the public when the cost of production and revenues generated are compared.



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